Who we are


Dunkirk Adult Learning is a project within Carlisle Refugee Action Group  which is part of charity Carlisle One World Center (www.cowc.co.uk, charity number 1088693).   

As the umbrella organization Carlisle One World Centre provides leadership and support to Dunkirk Adult Learning  whilst ensuring proper accountability for its finances and actions.


Carlisle One World Centre aims to:


  • Raise awareness of the interconnectedness of local and global issues, and how our actions  – as individuals, as communities and as a nation – affect the world

  • Educate people of all ages about the issues facing people in developing countries

  • Support the economically and socially deprived, both locally and globally

  • Campaign for justice throughout the world through a programme of education, awareness-raising and practical activities



 The Dunkirk Adult Learning Centre is located in the Campe de Grande Synthe near Dunkirk in Northern France.







The community of refugees and volunteers




English For Action www.efalondon.org



Right to Remain www.righttoremain.org.uk



Phillip Bodaono Language School


Utopia56  www.utopia56.com



Whilst we are well respected by the French Associations running and involved in La Liniere Refugee Camp, Dunkirk we have yet to find a French Association to be our formal French Partner. We are hopeful that we will soon find such an organisation or our French friends and supporters will form one.