Volunteer in France

Dunkirk Adult Learning Centre relies on the commitment, skills and goodwill of self-funded volunteers. We need English and French teachers (TEFL or equivalent qualified) and volunteers with experience in outreach and community development work. Ideally we would like to welcome volunteers who can stay for at least one month. The Centre is known as a safe and welcoming place, where volunteers from the UK and France work alongside volunteers from the refugee community. 

Volunteer in the UK

 We need UK-based volunteers to help with administration. We also have a number of projects for volunteers to lead, for example: researching the diaspora Sorani community, creating language-learning resources and searching for Sorani Kurdish books.  




For further details or to arrange an informal chat with a returning volunteer contact Dunkirkadultlearning@gmail.com or call Sarah Wilson + 44 (0) 1768 870817 +44 (0) 7950 106559. We can arrange for you to talk with returning volunteers by telephone, Skype or WhatsApp in English or French.